Postcovid rehabilitation at sanatorium Medobory

If you had COVID-19, you may still have unpleasant sensations: cough, constant fatigue, shortness of breath. This is a postcovid syndrome.

We have developed a rehabilitation program after coronavirus based on our natural healing factors. This complex will allow you to return to normal life faster, restoring its quality.

One of the most effective methods of rehabilitation after COVID-19 is balneotherapy, the use of mineral waters for the treatment of various diseases. This method helps to restore microcirculation in the body, which is disrupted due to the virus. Balneological procedures have the unique property of improving the blood supply in the body, due to which all organs and tissues receive more oxygen saturation and nutrients.

The Postcovid Rehabilitation Package contains the most effective treatments that will help to overcome the postcovid syndrome.

For example, staying in a bath with hydrogen sulfide water will improve the heart function, reduce high blood pressure, improve metabolism, eliminate the manifestations of various inflammatory processes, dilate peripheral arteries and arteries of the heart.

And staying in a coniferous-glycerin bath will help to relax and calm down, it will help to restore the nervous system.

The program also has a circular shower and underwater massage shower, which have a tonic effect. These sessions improve the emotional state, relieve irritability, regulate sleep.

An important area of ​​this program is the rehabilitation of the respiratory system. The complex of procedures for its recovery includes: breathing exercises, aroma or speleotherapy sessions, as well as inhalations with hydrogen sulfide water.

As part of the course, you can visit the infrared sauna to warm the body from the inside and speed up the movement of lymph and blood. Or you can be in a “dry” carbon dioxide bath to improve the resistance and elasticity of blood vessels and overcome chronic fatigue.

Our Postcovid Rehabilitation Program starts from the period of ten days, during which your body will recover and begin to function better. It’s also a good opportunity to relax and reboot.

Post-COVID rehabilitation package using natural healing sources

The package is designed starting from a period of 10 days
Package price 1000 UAH / day for 1 person

The package includes:

  • Single room accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Treatment:
    • Doctor’s consultation 4
    • Specialist’s consultation 3
    • Emergency treatment
    • Hydro-sulphuric or coniferous-glycerin baths once in two days
    • Clay or ozokerite-paraffin applications once in two days
    • Circular shower once in two days
    • Aroma or speleotherapy once in two days
    • Inhalations with hydro-sulphuric water or singlet oxygen therapy once in two days
    • Well-room with mineral water three times a day
    • Breathing training every day
    • Climatetherapy every day
    • Nordic walking every day
    • Infrared sauna or dry CO2 bath once in two days
    • Manual massage 1 item once in two days
    • Underwater massage of the whole body once in two days

We’d like to remind that apart from the Postcovid Rehabilitation package, we also offer two other packages – Spa and Treatment. Find out the details.