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контакти і реквізити
Over 200 years have passed since the first balneal resort in Konopkivka and the first scientific examination was founded. Since, eastern and galician aristokracy have dot an opportunity to improve the health and to rest on the local center, aviding long and expensive trips. The territory hadbuilding.gif (38681 bytes)had been endiwed with nature. In the old days it was coveredby danse pine forests with sunflower fields, owergrown with motley grass and full of heady aroma nectar. Apparently, the wealth bee plants gave the reason to our ancestors to call it "Medobory".
Scientists state:"Medobory - is the unique biological and botanical memorial place in our country". The current Medobory - is the real treasure of medical factors. Podil's Tovtry favorably influences on the forming of ambient climate. The height of the lea, its location, woods - make the conditions favorable. The nature also endowed this place with unique undergraund riches - with healing waters. Exactly on this area health center "Medobory" is found. Medobory is direct heir of an old resort. It is situated in natural hollow and has immediate vicinity with springs used for invigoration.

We treat:
  • Diseases of the locomotor system
  • Peripheral and central nervous system
  • Diseases of bones, muscles, ligaments
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver
  • Diseases of the circulatory system
  • Gynecological Diseases inflammatory nature
  • Diseases of the skin
  • Diseases of the endocrine system
New treatment methods:
  • Beertherapy (treatment "living" unfiltered beer)
  • Horsetherapy (therapeutic horse riding)
  • Apitherapy (treatment bees)
  • Bolyusotherapy (treatment blue clay)
  • Halotherapy (salt cave)
  • Cryotherapy (cold therapy)
  • Nordic walking
  • Healing vat of hydrogen sulfide water
  • Girudoterapiya

Hydrosulfuric water like "Matsesta" and sulfate and hydrocarbonate7.gif (32736 bytes)peatbog improve the general circulation of the blood, activate all types of metabolism, increase organism (resistance), and have antibacterial effect. Availabinity of wells with mineral sodium chloride water like "Morshyn" pemits to prescribe it for internal use, for mouth cavity rinse. The main medical effect has a sodium chloride iodobromine water in the form of bath, different showers, underwater massage, skeleton (traction), swimming in the pool (indoor and outdoor). there are new phisiotherapy rooms, rooms for laser and magnet therapy, reflex and psychotherapy manual) therapy, gynecological rooms and for intestine irrigation, gyms for therapeutical training. Homeopathy, apytherapy, phytotherapy, aromatotherapy, singlet and oxygen therapy, beer therapy, ipotherapy are successfully used here. Stomatological service, clinical laboratory, room of functional, ultraconic, and computer dignostics are at the patients' disposal. A wide ringer of medical devices allows of dianose and to cure nervous and sceleto-muscular system diseases, gastrointestial tract, cardiovacular and respiratory system disorders, gynecological, cultaneous, and endocrine disease.
The sanatorium center has all necessary conditions for comfortable and full rest of patients: single and double bedrooms, comfortable canteen, bar, cinema and concert hall, library, sauna and pool. There are sports and dancing grounds, pergolas for rest, equipped beach and places for fishing, and mounted playing attractions. There are all necessary communal services and amenities. Also, there is tour service.
During period Konopkivka health-center became famous not only as a popular medical 9.gif (21319 bytes)and prophylactic establishment but as an educational and scientific center of Ternopil medical academy. The department of medical rehabilitation is also situated here which develops new methods of rehabilition, gives consultative and medical help. The main achivement of the sanatorium is - people. Physicians and maintenance staff are the professionals and are trying to make a good mood atmosphere, to improve the health state. They are very proud of its history and conform to the motto of the first Konopkivka resort   - Vobis et posteritati - (For you and for descendants)